International Adoption Seminars & Webinars

As we have been talking about, international adoption is a great choice. Of course, before you make your decision, you definitely need to gather all the information you can. A great option for this, is not only reading, but also webinars.

What is a webinars? A webinar is a seminar on-line. The beauty of this is you are able to go around the world and gather knowledge, insight, and advice from various professionals without the expense and stress of travel. No need to take off days from work to attend, simply go to the host website - and viola!! There you are. No registration needed.

Another perk to webinars is you can jot down questions, and then shoot the host an email [usually found under contact on the same website you are viewing the webinar]. The host will respond usually within a couple of hours. No waiting in line and feeling rushed to ask your questions, and you can also have a bit of time to develop your thoughts and convey them clearly in your email.

At Beacon House we do offer on-line seminars on international adoption on Thursdays at 2pm and 5pm CST. There are also several good options out there for additional information information and sites that provide webinars - just ensure the people or agency giving advice IS accredited - and legal. :)