So you are ready for International adoption .... now what??

Call us a bit biased, but we believe that the spirit of adoption is an amazing gift! Adoption, international or domestic, is a time of excitedment, joy, and anxiety - so remember the reason and spirit of which you are doing this.

Continuing our talk about international adoption, once you, as the adoptive parent have chosen a location from which to adopt, you need to find an accredited and licensed agency. Some people do choose the agency first, and that is OK, too. Keep in mind YOU ARE the client and YOUR comfort level is of utmost importance. You need to feel, and know, the agency which you are dealing with is what you are looking for.

Calling the state in which the agency is located, to ensure their licensing is smart move. You are about to start an incredible journey, and knowing the agency is ligit is a necessity.

Licensing differs from accreditation, in that being an accredited agency means, their business standards are up to par. They are ran in excellence, and have the record to prove it. Another reason to look for an accredited agency is an accredited international adoption agency will also has high standards of proven service to the adoptive parents, and the children. There are different accrediting agencies that can issue this certification, and each sets it's own standards.

The agency will be able to answer all of your questions, and most of all, they are able to complete things as promptly as possible [if they are good!], and also helping you to feel at ease, in the know, and ensure everyone is on the same page.