starting an international adoption

International Adoption can be an exciting journey, and the first place to start when considering adoption is to consider location. What country would you like to adopt from? When you adopt internationally you are bringing in a child from another culture, and heritage into your home, this is something to be respected and enjoyed. Finding what nationality you would be the best fit for you as a family is of utmost importance.

Another key factor to international adoption is being familiar with the laws & procedures of the adopting country. The challenge here is in many countries, the laws often change, and not necessarily in order to make it easier for adoptive parents.

If people were totally honest about international adoption – and a lot are, Yes, there is a lot of paper work involved. Sometimes as Americans may not completely understand why certain things and processes are asked of us, but knowing this ahead of time helps adoptive parents to be better prepared for their family addition to arrive, and working with an agency that is experienced, accredited, and personal relieves much of the anxiety.

Once the decision to adopt internationally is made, you must meet certain minimum standards, as defined by the U.S. Government. This is generally initiated by the filing of an I-600A at your local USCIS office. For further information, see

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