Making a Difference

Most agencies that work in foreign countries have projects that will improve or enhance conditions for the children in that country.  Beacon House is no exception.  At any given time, Beacon House is providing support and working to raise money for more than one project.

Most recently, Beacon House has provided funds for genetic testing for children in orphanages, assisted in paying for window replacement through our Windows of Hope project, provided funds for children to visit Moscow at new year’s, and gave money toward the repair of restrooms in another Children’s home.

Currently, we are raising money for several projects in the Primorski region.  The Baby Home of Artem is replacing structural portions of the home, for which they need financial assistance. Another project we are a part of, is the development of a physical therapy room in one of the Children’s Homes, for children who need on site therapy.

We believe in making the world better for children. Whether that is through adoption into loving families, or making life better for those waiting to be adopted, Beacon House believes in helping.
Donations are tax deductible, as Beacon House is a 501©(3) organization, and you can also support these and other projects by shopping at