Russian Adoptions:A Look Inside of Russia

What many do not know, is that Russia now has more orphans than they did at the end of WW II. With the number of orphans being 4 to five times higher than Europe and the United States.

Although the children are often in good institutions, with toys, nurses, therapists, and all of the 'stuff' a child needs to live and function - it doesn't offer family.  One of the toughest things about the Russian orphanages is that although they do a great job at providing the ultimate environment for a child to grow, they still do not have many visits from potential parents.

 The boom of orphans in Russia has been labeled 'a humanitarian catastrophe' by some experts, and with the number being over 700,000 orphans, we would agree.

Of course we would LOVE to see a world that is so full of love for the children, for families, and for each other that orphanages are not needed, but this isn't the case, especially today in Russia. The problem is the number of Russian children up for adoption is not declining; it's growing - and with America leading the way in the number of Russian children adopted by foreigners, we are proud to be part of a team that is making positive change for those who otherwise would be hopeless.