"Quality Time"

We love all activities with our family and children but, if quality time is your child's love language, it is a must! Quality time can often be misunderstood. Quality time isn't just any activity with your child. It is one on one, undivided attention. No television - no cell phone - no computer - All of your attention on your child. Being engaged during the activity is what truly carries the deepest meaning with someone who communicates love through quality time.

Some great idea's for this summer are to take your child fishing, swimming, or just ask them to tell you their favorite story. Snuggle in with your child in the couch and ask them questions about them. Their day. Their likes. Their dislikes. Their favorite memories of mom and dad, etc.

If quality time is what makes your child [or spouse] feel loved, set aside time daily to engage with them.  After all, they won't be small forever - take time now to grow your relationship. Take time to grow a happy and healthy child into an amazing adult.