The Five Love Languages: Physical Touch

Despite the perception - this isn't all about, well, probably the first thing that came to mind when you read physical touch. When someone communicates love through physical touch they are exactly that : touchy. Hugs, kisses, snuggles, soft touches, light patting and so forth.

Especially in a child, this is crucial. A child that doesn't experience any level of physical touch and connection with their parents, will be more apt to unhealthy relationships later in life. When neglect or abuse occur, [ex: no physical connection, or reassurance from parents] the child will lean on others to provide the emotional stability they long for. This can present major challenges because at the age of 13 [or earlier] your child could be looking for 'fulfillment' outside the home. To be touched and caressed is the same as the words I Love You, and that is what it's about. Learning, understanding, and engaging with your children on levels and in ways that are meaningful to them. Ways that fill your child's "love tank." 

Snuggling into the bed with your child tucked under your arm, or watching a movie with their head in your lap, there are many ways to ensure in your day to day activities, that you and your child have a strong physical connection, and their love tank is always on full.