SEAC Expo, Oct. 23rd

We are pleased to invite you to the 1st EVER adoption expo in Louisiana, and the first ANNUAL one for the sponsoring organization.  This meeting is organized and sponsored by the SOUTH EAST ADOPTION COALITION a new member organization located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It will be held on October 23, 2010 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

The aim of this conference is two- fold:  [1] to establish and build in the South East a membership organization that provides support services, education, resources and connections to pre- and post- adoptive families as well as adoption professionals located in the Southeast area of the US; and [2] to offer organizations involved in adoption the opportunity to meet and talk with families who want to adopt, who are adopting and/or who have adopted.  

As you undoubtedly are aware, November is NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH.  SEAC has elected to hold the first annual conference on October 23, 2010 leading up to the many events that will be taking place in November relative to adoption.  SEAC is inviting organizations and persons involved in adoption, as well as reaching out to adoptive parents in all stages of the adoption process for attendees.   Events such as these allow better coordination and cooperation between organizations and persons involved in adoptions, and allow the organizations to increase their client base throughout the States of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Arkansas.

The success of this expo depends on the quality of participation by organizations and adoptive families.  Advertisement is key in order to ensure the largest number of attendees.  To that end, we have prepared a schedule of attention-grabbing workshops for parents throughout the day, while allowing sufficient time for attendees to visit the booths of exhibitors and gather information pertinent to their own situation. 

Enclosed with this letter you will find a registration form for an exhibitor.  If you are interested in attending and exhibiting at a table, please fill out the appropriate information and return the form with the correct payment by September 15, 2010.  Please note that the steepest discount for exhibiting is for those that join SEAC [annual dues only $85.00] as “adjunct-members”.  While regular members will be the adoptive parents, there is a need for adjunct members to sponsor events, adoption seminars, provide venues for meetings, or provide other resources, so we ask you to consider joining.

We will also be asking for your suggestions on best practice and sharing of practical experience. Each participant will be asked to communicate his/her organization’s background information, its goal, its plans and its activities to others. Each participant will also be asked to provide suggestions for future conferences, and a survey after the conference on its success.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this unique opportunity to strengthen the role of adoption advocates in the Southeast.  We would appreciate it if you could confirm your participation by September 15, 2010.  Your exhibitor form should be directed, along with payment, to Allison Albrecht at 5917 Jones Creek Rd, 100B, Baton Rouge, LA  70817.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in October!