"The Power of Words: Going Verbal Part 1"

As grown ups we now know how hurtful words can be.  By this time, or age, we have built our own method of handling anger, harshness or negativity from others. Personally, I laugh. When, if I would choose to dwell on negative words spoken by others, I would be depressed, and sometimes angry. Choosing not to let negative words into my heart & mind is a choice I consciously make as an adult. Because the thing is, once they are there, if not dealt with, they grow.

As adults, we can see how we have been gifted with children to care for, love, support, and enjoy. One of the funniest stories I heard was when a friend of mine received a call from the school her children attended. The oldest son was in third grade and had been given a 'fill in the blank' sheet with questions like: When I grow up I want to [blank]. One of my favorite things to do is [blank]. Well, the school called because her son had filled in every blank with "I'm going to have a nervous break down." {I'm sure the spelling might have been incorrect}. I was crying from laughing so hard when she told me. {This was years later}. The point was, she had no idea how her words were shaping her children. Because she repeated those words, and often let anxiety get the best of her, the children were reaping exactly what their mom was sowing into them.

It is our job to control our tongues, to teach responsibility for what comes from our mouth. Slander isn't something a child should be used to coming from the ones responsible for raising them. Is everyone perfect? Of course not, but that shouldn't keep you from protecting your children and filling them with positive words of encouragement, love, and joy.