"The Power of Words: Starts with Your thinking"

The power of words your words is immense, but realizing it starts with your thinking patterns is one of the keys. Your thoughts become your words and therefore can contribute largely to a given situation and effect negatively your emotions along the way.

For example: You feel tired when you wake up. For the first half of your day you keep thinking about how tired you are. Then you might mention it to your spouse, your children, your coworkers, the list goes on. Of course most of the responses are of pity or empathetic to your state. But if you realize you are feeding the down feeling of lack of sleep, you might stop.

Now picture this: You feel tired when you wake up. You decide that yea, you might be tired, but it's a good day. You say good morning to your spouse and, smile when you see your kids walking into the kitchen, and think to yourself, this is going to be a great day. You begin to believe it. Before you know it, you are enjoying the day. The people you come in contact with throughout the day are no longer 'down' with you, they smile back, feeding the positive emotion and stance you have CHOSEN to take on life.

In adoption, understanding that your words have power can make your journey memorable, and enjoyable. With post adoption, and with all families, it's important to be aware of how creating a home life of positivity and loving words, can create strong healthy relationships. When adults can understand that a lot of times we do need to control our thoughts [and toungue] and focus on the positive, we are blessed to be able to instill this in our children's generation.

Challenge: Go one day with out speaking any negative connotaions, or sarcastic remarks. It's a lot harder than you think, but well worth the effort.