Having Faith

Sometimes there are things that come up, curve balls that life throws at us, and we are faced with decisions that aren't so easy. To have faith and do what your heart and spirit are saying are the right thing to do, is at times, a lot easier said than done. To feel inside that moving forward is the right thing, but none of the logical elements are agreeing ... now this, is a tough place to be.

My suggestion? To have faith. To believe in something, to believe for something. There is nothing wrong with hoping and believing, in fact, it is what keeps life going. To know there are some things that will work out in ways we can't begin to explain or imagine, but to know inside that everything will work out, having that kind of faith, is a gift.

As our children display this kind of faith, belief and hope this time of year, let's join them in hoping for what we want to see. Let's believe with child like innocence in our dreams. As we are able to wrap our arms around them and snuggle into the couch and watch a Christmas movie, let us never out grow our ability to have faith as strong as a mustard seed.