Can I Get A Witness?!

We here at Beacon House LOVE it when we get a testimony of any kind. Not only does it encourage but it also gives those who have no hope a little bit of faith to believe for the impossible. This is one such testimony that we wanted to share with you guys. It was posted as a public note on our Facebook page, which if you're not friends with us then please go shoot us a request so we can better keep you informed of all the happenings going on around here, but here is a quick excerpt of the note...

  "As our international adoption is about to be finalized, I feel there are some people and organizations that we would like to express our most sincere gratitude and say "thank you," to...although there really are not enough words to do this adequately.  First and foremost, I have to rejoice in the Lord our God....for bringing us through this perilous process. We also ask for prayers for our final trip over to Russia (at least for this adoption) and the time that Aaron can't be there where I must function as a single parent while he comes home to work and save up time off for when we actually get back home.......ALSO God Bless Building Blocks & Beacon House!  From the beginning with both agencies in the U.S. & especially in country in Russia, our expectations were exceeded!  That is how wonderful of a job their representatives do and just their entire organization does!!!"

To read the full story please go HERE and enjoy this amazing testimony!

Thank you, April, for sharing with us this beautiful story and please know that we are all praying for you and your growing family. May the favor of the Lord rest upon you and may He bless you in all that you set your hands to do!