Never say Never

There are few things we can count on in this world. All the uncertainties of life, at times, may seem so overwhelming that it would be easy to "throw in the towel".  On the flip side we need to ask ourselves the question of where would we be today if people that had tried to do something of importance just quit after the first unsuccessful attempt. We wouldn't have any electricity, air travel, businesses, Coca-Cola (ha), hope for a better life, etc....

You might be sitting there in the midst of a struggling process in becoming adoptive parents, but don't hang up your gloves just yet. There is hope. You're not out of this fight yet. Your final round is coming and you're going to come out victorious! Now, I'm not offering you false hope, but heart-felt encouragement to continue to run your race. Finish strong and be of good courage! We are here with you in this journey; you're not alone.

Cling to the hope that in a short while you will finally be holding that child in your arms that you have just rescued with the power of love. An offering of time and patience will return to you a gift of life! So, never say never. Your hour is quickly approaching, and when it does we want to be the first to celebrate with you! Send us your stories, testimonies, and pictures of your "miracle"! Remember, you're not alone....ever.