Miracle of the Ruble

We adopted our daughter Callie from Russia in August 2000. In November of the same year, we had a domestic adoption fall through, and in the spring we regrouped and decided to adopt from Moldova. A few weeks later Moldova issued a Moratorium on international adoption. This meant that we possibly needed to change adoption agencies or change countries. This was a very difficult decision for us and involved much prayer and contemplation.

In April, I was the scheduled guest speaker at the St. Mary’s Women’s Club. The topic was International Adoption and it was their annual Birthright Shower. As I loaded the car with baby items, that had been donated by a friend, a quarter fell out of them. I picked it up and saw that it had an Eagle on it and thought to myself  "Wow, I haven’t seen a regular quarter in a while." (not since they started putting the states on them)

A few minutes later, I looked at the quarter in my hand and saw that I now had a 5 rubles coin in my hand. I turned it over again and saw the two headed Eagle-a symbol of Imperial Russia. My friend had not been to Russia. We had our answer. We changed adoption agencies, and adopted our son Sean from Russia in April 2003 with the help of Beacon House Adoption Services. I still have the ruble.

Have you experienced a Miracle in Adoption?