Natural Disasters and Orphaned or Displaced Children

When natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunami's occur, they often result in orphaned or displaced children. When these events transpire, the media portrayal of events may prompt families, looking to adopt, to contact adoption agencies in hopes of adopting these newly "orphaned children" In most cases, as is the case in Japan, this is not possible.

During crisis, it is not unusual for children to have been separated from their families. The first responsibility to children is reunification with parents or other surviving family members. Because natural disasters may result in break down in communications, civil unrest, and medical needs, this reunification process is often lengthy, and an exhaustive effort is made in order to reunite families.

Children are subject to their home countries international adoption laws, priority is usually given to citizens of said country, and the majority of children find permanent homes with family member or within their community

While it natural to want to reach out and aid these children in crisis, there are procedures and organizations such as the United Nations, Red Cross, JCICS, UNICEF, etc. to help restore order, and assist children and families. Donations to these aid organizations is often the best way that you can help.

Families thinking about adoption should contact adoption agencies to inquire about children available for adoption. There are waiting children in many parts of the world.