Cell Phone Earned

"Hi Mom, I miss you, I love you.” That was the text I received a few days ago, from my 14- year- old, who has now officially entered the world of Social Networking. It wasn’t an easy task to get to this point, but in the end perseverance and tough love paid off. Unlike most of her friends, she had to earn her cell phone.

No, she did not have to purchase it herself, all she had to do was memorize her multiplication tables. It was not an easy task for a child with a math disorder, ADHD, and auditory processing issues, but it was something that I knew she could do- IF- she applied herself.

We went through half-way trying, to not really believing that she wouldn’t get a cell phone for her thirteenth birthday, despite the directive. It didn’t help that she saw friend, after friend getting one. The night before her birthday, reality finally set in, after her friends tried to convince her that that "maybe your parents are tricking you since your birthday is on April Fool's Day."

I extended her goal and eventually she gave up. "I don't want a cell phone," she said. That was until the 7th grade, mean girl shut out, left her broken hearted. Luckily for me I was out of town when it came to a head. I still don't know what Daddy said to her, but whatever it was it worked.

She diligently went to work and for her birthday last week finally earned her cell phone. As an added bonus she was able to set up a Facebook Account. Who knew that 13-14 year olds could have 700 friends? Fortunately for me she is still young enough to want me as her friend on Facebook.