Update on Russia: July 2011

After 15 months of negotiations, both Russian and the United States have agreed upon terms of the new Bilateral agreement on adoption which should improve international adoption from Russia.

It should be noted that, despite a lot of conflicting, and sometimes misleading information, Russia continues to be one of the most well established and consistent international adoption programs in the world. In 2010, Russia was the third largest sending country; where it has been ranked, every year, since 2006.

Since we at Beacon House, began working in Russia in 1998, we have seen many changes over time. We expect that the signing of the bilateral agreement, Russian adoption will increase in speed: as inactive regions resume adoptions, and regions currently closed to singles lift restrictions.

Currently, Beacon House family’s average approximately 13.5 months from the time they start the application process to the time their child comes home from Russia. Adoptions from Russia are being processed, business as usual, with little waits for boys and short waits for girl.

Most children available for adoption are Caucasian, but there are also Eurasian children available for adoption. The average age child at the time of adoption is 15-18 months. Health wise, children adopted from Russia range from good/ minor-correctable special needs to moderate/special needs.

For more information on the health of children adopted from Russia, see our blog: from Monday July 11, 2011: http://beaconhouseadoption.blogspot.com/search/label/Russian%20adoptions 
Families, who are interested in learning more about Russian adoption, can get the most up to date information about our Russian adoption programs by contacting us at: information@beaconhouseadopt.com  or by attending a Russian Adoption Webinar, or adoption workshop. A complete listing of events can be found at: http://www.beaconhouseadoption.com/calendar.html

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