The Third Trimester of Adoption

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first and second trimester of your paper pregnancy.  The first two trimesters have been filled with paper chases, apostilles, e-mails, and emotional ups and downs. The third trimester is more of the same. Remember that for some families, adoption is a breeze. For others, it can be a daily challenge. Whichever group you find yourself, with the completion of your adoption fast approaching there are some changes you need to be aware of.

Difficulty Breathing: This is very common during the third trimester of a paper pregnancy. Self doubt and second guessing are commonplace. This will increase as your court date approaches and you move closer to becoming a forever family. You may find that you are able to breather easier as the 10 day wait or revocation period draws to a close. If you're experience difficulty breathing taking a daily walk may help improve stamina.

Back and Hip Pain: Will occur once your baby arrives if you have not prepared to pick up and carry around a 10-20 pound baby or toddler. Always use front facing baby carriers but be warned, 40* something’s may have a harder time getting up and down when playing gin the floor with baby.  *Also prone to stiff joints and muscles in the morning.

Heartburn: Warning, completion of our dossier can cause heartburn. To relieve or avoid experiencing heartburn, drink plenty of clear liquids, avoid spicy foods, sign all documents using your full name as issued on your passport, and make sure that your notary has at least a year left on their commission.

Breast Growth and Changes: Sorry Girls, the booby fairy will not be coming to your house. Surgical enhancement may be your only option.  

Increased Urination: As your court date approaches your urination frequency may increase. You'll even find that you'll need to get up several times throughout the night, if you are tossing and turning or experiencing insomnia. Other common irritants include nervousness associated with boarding a plane for a long flight, or the inability to go to the bathroom when the fasten seat belt sign is on, which could be a problem if you drink the water while in a foreign country.  

Swollen Extremities: Your child and the space that he or she will require will start to put pressure on your spouse to complete the nursery. You may experience ladder climbing, baby bed construction, paint rolling, curtain hanging, and last minute shopping. Some women may even experience swelling in their legs, ankles, feet, shoulders, and hands. To reduce swelling or soreness, remember that my definition of manual labor is:  “watching a man at work”; and revert to first sentence of this paragraph.  

Adoption is a time of change, progression, and development. When you know what to expect during your third trimester of paper pregnancy, you can better prepare yourself. Enjoy this quality time with your spouse, once the baby arrives date night may be converted to family night and consist of take out from a fast food restaurant and videos of singing puppets

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