If your Birthmother was here to see you

As my oldest child prepares for confirmation, one of the activities on the confirmation retreat was a quiet time of reflection; where you read “love letters” written by friends and family.

Lately, she has talked a lot about her birthmother. Being adopted from Russia makes it almost impossible for any form of communication, but I really felt that her birthmother needed to be included. I ended up writing two letters to Callie: one that told her all the things I wanted say to her, and a second one where I tried to speak on her birthmother’s behalf. 

Dear Lubov,

If your birthmother: Tatyana was her to see you,
she would be so very proud of you.

She would be happy to know that you have become a strong, amazing young women. To know that perhaps you have her hair, her eyes, or dimples when you smile.

Seeing how beautiful you are would make her smile with pride. 

She would love to watch you dance and see how graceful you look on stage and to know that you have her talent. It would bring her great joy to know that you have the opportunity to be a great dancer- if you work hard.

She would say do your homework, mind your mom and dad, clean your room, eat your vegetables, and all those other things that Mom’s say to their children. 

She would want you to be happy with your life in America, but most of all, it would make her heart happy to know that you are loved by so many people; your family.

She would smile and maybe we would see her dimples. 

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