Easter Traditions in Russia

Easter egg decoration is an important part of Easter traditions in Russia. The predominant color for dyeing eggs is red. The traditional Pysanky egg craft found in Ukraine, and other Eastern European Countries is thousands of years old.  Patterns are are drawn on the egg with wax, which protects the covered areas from the dye that is applied. By repeating the process a multi-colored pattern is built up. The symbols and colors are rich in meaning. eggs.jpg


Another integral aspect of Easter celebrations in Russia is the family Easter dinner following the worship services. The Easter dinner is a sumptuous feast, in which the entire congregation celebrates together. Among other delicacies, Russian people traditionally bake Easter cakes, known as Kulich [in Russian кулич meaning "Easter cake"]  

The Kulich preparation starts several days before Easter. Kulich can contain candied fruit, almonds, and raisins, and is prepared like bread. When it is done, it is decorated with white frosting drizzled down the sides. On the side, spelled out in pieces of candied fruit, are the letters XB, representing the Cyrillic letters for "Christos voskres" or "Christ is risen."

A simple recipe for Kulich

1 cup of milk
1 cup of sour-cream
1 cup of eggs
1 cup of sugar
2 ounces of yeast
1 cup raisins
Flour - as much as it takes to make thick elastic dough
Optional - (lemon peel, blanched almonds, candied fruits, dark rum,1 tsp.vanilla)

Mix all the ingredients well in a large bowl. Fill as many coffee can type forms with greased sides as you want to have cakes, but make them only a third full to allow for expansion. Let the third full coffee cans sit for 45 minuets in warm area covered with clean cloth. Then bake up to an hour at around 300 - 350 degrees or about until golden brown and a test knife or toothpick comes out clean not wet.
IcingKulich.jpg2 cups powdered sugar
4 tbsp. cold water
2 tsp. lemon juice

Mix well in bowl and dribble down the top and sides of the cooled cake or pie after removal from coffee can container.

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