What Special Needs Moms Won’t Tell You

I recently ran across this article on Facebook and thought it would be great to “Share”. No one liked it. I like to think that it was not seen by any of my friends as shared info seldom is, but in reality the subject matter was probably of no interest to many of my “friends.” 

“5 Things Special Needs Moms Won’t Tell You”

Whether you are a parent of a special needs child, some of these can also apply to adoptive parents, especially the part about “not sure where she first in”. Conversations with groups of Moms routinely turn to childbirth, breastfeeding, or other topics that can be a bit out of an adoptive parent’s realm, which in turn may leave them feeling a bit left out.

Adoptive parenting is often different than parenting a biological child, so is parenting a special needs child.  Not less than, but different and as the author says “ I work hard at not dwelling on things I can’t change and I’m learning not to compare myself to others. But there are some things I think about that I don’t really tell others."

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