White Dresses

Recently we have had a rash of weddings to go to.  The majority of these have been weddings of our friend’s children.  Most recently the flower girl- all grown up and a Pediatric Neurologist, from my own wedding became engaged, and I was able to sneak a peek at the wedding dress.   To top it off, last night, my high school aged daughter attended her first wedding without us.  Accompanying her boyfriend to a family wedding, she came home with tales of first dances and garters being thrown, while visions of white dresses danced in head.

And I too dream of white dresses: hoping that as she enters adulthood, that one day, she will marry the man of her dreams. It is my hope that, that special someone is able to love her for all her idiosyncrasies, and challenges that many internationally adopted children deal with.  All the while praying that she gets the happily ever after that she deserves. 

But for today, she’s still my little girl, and we've still got a few more years of Prom and Homecoming dresses to shop for before we start shopping for the white one; and that’s too soon for me. 

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