Our Children's Heritage

 Ever since the adoption of our first child from Russia, we've tried to incorporate our children's heritage into our daily lives after all, we are no longer a German, Irish, Cherokee, American family. We are Russian by virtue of adoption.

  We celebrate Russian Holidays and Christmas Eve Traditions. Sometimes we make it up as we go along. Like when we combined Russian name day and Adoption day. My famous Snowball Cookies have been are renamed Russian Tea Cakes. (they were virtually the same cookie anyway)

  We make future plans to visit Russia and talk about all the places we want to go to. My ballerina needs to see the Bolshoi and my son wants to visit St. Basils Cathedral to see if it actually looks like the street vendors oil painting which hangs proudly in his room.

 We have read all the books about Russia; Eyewitness Russia, Eloise in Moscow, Count to 10 in Russian, Boyra and the Burps, and of course my favorites Anna Karenina and  Dr Zhivago.  We have Language CD’s and Berlitz dictionaries, count to 10 in Russian, and name all the table setting. We say Spasibo for Thank You and Nyet for No.

   We've seen performances by the Moiseyev Ballet at the Performing Arts Center and my daughter has been an authentic Russian dancing the part in the Greenville Ballet’s Nutcracker, and Coppellia. And we've seen the Russian National Theater and the Moscow Circus. 

  So now our life is a balancing act, or a dance if you will. Sometime it leaves your head spinning and other times you have to take a step backwards before you can move forward. Who knows where it might lead?  Maybe one of our children will end up on dancing with the Stars!

The Greenville Ballet


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