Are You Ready to Adopt?

   At some point prospective adoptive parents will have to bridge the gap from infertility to adoption by acknowledging and accepting infertility.  This requires couples to move away from the idea of having a biological child as the way to become parents to focusing on the end result; which is still being a parent, but by the use of a different means: by adoption.

   Resolution prior to adoption is necessary. It provides a strong foundation for couples to become emotionally and physically healthier and ready to bond and attach to a child. Indicators that a couple may be ready to move forward with adoption:

1.      Have exhausted viable, medical options without success.
2.      No longer have the desire to pursue medical assistance.
3.      Feelings of relief when discontinuing or thinking about stopping attempts to conceive.
4.      The realization that actually being a parent is more important than how they became parents.
5.      Spending more time talking about adoption.
6.      Noticing more or seeking out adoptive families.
7.      The belief that God is calling them to adopt.

As a couple begins to consider adoption, they are frequently unsure of where to begin to look for information.  The sheer volumes of information available on the internet and the vulnerability of prospective adoptive parents make it hard to disseminate the available information.

Because our staff includes adoptive parents, we at Beacon House recognize the importance in making critical decisions regarding adoption. We offer information about the different types of adoption, suggestions for resources, questions and answers, and factors to consider when deciding which type of adoption might be right for you.

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