Attachment: Snuggle

   You can’t spoil a baby by holding them too much. Whenever possible wear your baby close to your body. Make eye contact, and show affection, even if your child stiffens or does not reciprocate.

Snuggle older children whenever possible. Hold hands, put your arm around them, snuggle up in a chair and read, or sit a chair and rock.  

If your child cries pick him up. Allowing babies to cry it out is a technique that is not recommended for children without secure attachments. 

If your child has self-soothing behaviors, stay with them during this time. If they rock, hold them and rock them in a rocking chair. This will help your child associate you with comfort.

Skin-to-skin contact can be used to promote bonding with baby.  Lay your baby on your chest to maximize skin-to-skin contact. Allow baby to explore and touch your face. Skin-to Skin contact should be used by both parents when possible 

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