Baby Care: Sleep Deprivation

Did you know that many newborn babies sleep as much as sixteen hours a day. Unfortunately, this is often only in short bursts. This can leave exhausted parents on constant alert and lead to severe sleep deprivation. This common parenting problem can lead to resentment and sleep obsession, which in turn can lead to more parental stress.

Understanding that lack of sleep is normal, and something that almost every parent experiences can go a long way in defusing negativity. Vicki Lansky, author of Getting Your Child to Sleep...and Back to Sleep says "You're not going to get a full night's sleep, so you can either be tired and angry or just tired”." "Just tired is easier."

The primary goal is to take care for your baby. Follow the age old advice “Sleep when your baby sleeps" and take shifts with your spouse. On the weekend, or when both parents are home, take naps, or go to bed early. They will go a long way to refresh and replenish your energy.

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