Green Babies

I googled green babies and the search results included pictures of actual green babies- not exactly what I was looking for. So what is a green baby? According to

“A Green Baby is a safe, healthy, happy baby and the choices you make for her can make the our world safer for all babies. What he eats, the clothing he wears and the products he uses in the bath has significant impact for all of us, and for our Mother Earth.”

With Earth Day quickly approaching, here are some of our favorite earth/baby friendly web-sites:

Environmentally friendly products that provide natural choices that are; sustainable, have a minimal environmental footprint and are made with fair wage labor.

HappyGreenBaby is an online baby boutique featuring the best in eco-friendly and sustainably produced baby clothes and baby gear. 

A marketplace for natural products for all everyone in the family.

Ways to Go Green 
Buy organic/locally grown food
Drive fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly cars
Make your own baby food
Plant a tree
Recycle/ buy products with less packaging
Turn off electronics when not in use
Use energy efficient light bubs
Use reusable shopping bags
Use All- Natural cleaning products

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